Friday, July 24, 2009

The Best “How to Write a Medical Job Resume” Websites

Writing a resume is not a ‘snap of the finger’ operation. Hopefully it’s not something you have to bang out every week.
If you're like most and are usually employed, then writing resumes is not exactly a skill you've honed with practice. Generally people dust off and update their resume only when they are looking for a job. You show me someone who just left their job after 10 years of service and I'll show you someone with a 10 year old resume.

I was gearing up to blog a "how to write a medical resume" thinking it would be helpful to our many candidates. In preparing to lay out what the HR managers want to see in a resume, my online research uncovered a ton of really helpful resume writing sites. The following list is not me reinventing the wheel. There is some quality resume assistance on the interwebz and this is a collection of my favorites.

The advice contained within the pages on the list, paired with your critical thinking, will have you crafting a resume you can be proud of and eager to get it in the hands of as many hiring managers as possible. This is not a review of paid resume writing services, although some of listed sites will offer that service, rather it is a review of various tips that can really add a professional edge to your resume creation. They are staffed by professional recruiters and people that have been dealing with hiring managers for years. If you look around you will find a lot of resume writing services and if that's the way you decide to go be sure to check them out before you send them your money.

Check a lot of different sites and take the best advice and go for it.

Resume Resource
One of my favorites. Contains fantastic advice as well as some great examples of well done nursing resumes. You will also find some quality examples specific to your field. Follow the tips link for some tidbits that'll help

Resume for jobs
I found the resume examples to be poorly written, however the medical resume tips offer some helpful insight and is a great starting point. The following link takes you to a pretty comically bad resume example. The advice was good, the example, not so much.

Best Sample Resume dot com
This site offered little in the way of tips but I liked it because it had over 50 healthcare specific resume samples that covered many specialties, such as many of the nursing specialties, from ones for medical administrative jobs to the many allied health positions. I even found a Cardiologist sample and a lot of great choices for hospital management opportunities and loads in-between.
A great job-specific website with decent collection of medical job resumes. Of the specialties covered, there are nicely detailed write-ups. An excellent place to get some good thinking points to help get you over the hump and started.

Successful Medical Resume
Fantastic Blog. Well worth the read. Flip through some of the older blog entries for some golden tidbits. Like the other sites, this one offers a primer to getting your resume off the ground. Also offers some pretty good examples for a few specialties. There is a lot of quality information in the archives, I would recommend digging in for a while before you start writing. They offer additional information on covering letters, interview advice and solid job hunting tips.

Resume Boutique Blog
I enjoyed her stuff and got caught up reading some of the old posts. The author runs a resume writing service and is doing a great job promoting it. It's more general and not specific to the healthcare industry but her advice is solid and quite applicable. Be prepared to dig into her blog a little bit, some valuable reading awaits on topics, such as Job Search Etiquette,
A fun blog by an accomplished, writer. I was attracted to the “6 words that make your resume suck”, which is part of a meaty series on "how to write a resume that gets interviews". Any jobseeker would find her entire blog useful. Here is the link to the whole series. She is an enjoyable read so it's hard not to get caught up in her other excellent articles.

The Rockport Institute - How to write a Masterpiece of a Resume
This is a very deep study in resume writing. It has a great section about presentation and goes into a lot of detail about how to present work history, education and every section of your resume. It even includes a fantastic list of power words you can use.

Lastly I thought I would include a fun one. I truly hope these are common sense but I had to include them because I couldn’t stop laughing. 25 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume. The author takes a sound beating for the obviousness of her post in the storm of comments that follow it. It is kind of a fun read.

There are a large number of sites and I would love to expand this list and would appreciate any and all assistance. If you have a favorite site I missed, post a comment and share it so it may be included in a future list.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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