Friday, May 29, 2009

Why a Healthcare Specific Job Board?

Why use a health-specific job board when searching for a career in health?

The advice that first comes to mind, after being a recruiter for 14 years, would be that a focused “one-stop” shop can provide more serious opportunities and be a real time-saver for both potential employees and employers.

Gone are the days of printing off a resume, sealing an envelope, licking a stamp and strolling to the mailbox. Online job search is the way to go and busy career seekers have fully embraced this cyber stage of profiling themselves to potential employers.

Employers want the assurance that they will be approached by serious, qualified candidates. The last thing they want is to scroll through pages of online resumes where applicants may have been seeking local eatery positions. Many of these employers have made it well know that their preference is to have their open positions posted on health-only boards, ensuring health-only site visitors are applying.

Employees are able to search multiple opportunities in the areas in which they are trained - all from one location. We all know how time can slip by when we are surfing the net. A precious resource it is, however these potential employees are short of time and would prefer to go to one place rather than hundreds of various sites picking through the jobs.

A career in health is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. The monster job boards that are all-encompassing may not understand that. Health care professionals many times prefer to surround themselves with “like-minded” people. It’s a long road to get to where they are and there is a culture that becomes an important part of it all. There is a place to go for them, an online resource community. is not only a health specific board, but it is also the community I just spoke of. Participation in the forum can provide peer contact. There are health care facilities profiles, jobs, health related articles, news, current events, job fairs and many other opportunities tailored to health.

At the end of the day, a recent graduate embarking on a fresh career in health or a seasoned professional seeking a change, will be glad they created a profile, posted their resume and became an involved member of this fresh and innovative health-specific job board.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

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