Monday, January 18, 2010

Paying Homage to Medical Volunteers in Haiti

When disaster struck Haiti on January 12th, we were all affected by the devastating images being shown on TV and the internet. As is often the case when a tragedy of this scale occurs, people across the globe felt the need to reach out to those who were suffering.  Some donated money, some plan to donate their time and energy when it comes time to rebuild and others brought their medical skills directly into the field.

As the situation in Haiti unfolds before our eyes, it has prompted us here at peoplemenders to think about the dedicated medical workers that are on the ground frantically trying to save lives while working in unimaginable conditions.  It is hard to imagine their frustration as they bear witness to such incredible need and are unable to help everyone, or worse, if they have no choice but to leave the wounded unattended due to security and safety concerns, as was reported recently.

Despite the logistical and security difficulties, medical volunteers from a variety of agencies are on the ground in Haiti doing what they can in the midst of what appears to be chaos and absolute ruin.  We, at peoplemenders, wanted to take a moment to recognize the incredibly important work that these people do.

If the situation in Haiti has inspired you to look into volunteer opportunities, whether at home or abroad, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to see a list of agencies you may want to work with.

If you are interested in donating to disaster relief in Haiti here are some links to just a few of the major organizations that are sending relief.

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Anonymous said...

These volunteers truly are an inspiration!